Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chanel review

I  was catching up with the catwalk shows over the last few days and thought I'd review some stunning Chanel ones.

At the Ready-to-Wear Show Fall-Winter 2017/18 there were lots of stunning clothes on the catwalk (needless to say).  I loved the sparky tights under the tweed dresses and suits; lovely green metallic trousers, shorts, skirt and jackets and my particular favourite is the black sequin jacket and top which is stunning (15 minutes in).

The soundtrack was great too - the first track is so full of impact and tension, the same with the last track, especially with its long crescendo like a roaring engine building up the tension.  There's a definite nod to the sixties with the second track when there was such a strong space-age and futuristic trend and when trends were quite child-like.  Is this a subtle reference to the peace movement at a time when the world is, as usual, in total turmoil coming after Chanel's previous protest show (protest from 9.20) again with sixties trend references in psychedelic colour and tie dye which replaced business attire. 

There were so many space references in the clothing from wide white collars on many of the dresses make me think  of astronaut suits wide collars to accommodate the helmet, the metal edging on other  necklines and the super rocket handbag!  All the current trends were there - metallics in various guises, pinks, pleats, midi skirts.  Strong but not over stated makeup which kept the feminine heritage.

The Haute Couture Show Spring-Summer 2017 which took place on January 24th, 2016 at the Grand Palais in Paris began very refined with flute music, a glass stage decorated with lillies and models in beautiful little suits.  I think the slow orchestral sounds are to relate back to the heritage of a slower pace of high society.  The music soon became contemporary, the clothes became more elaborate and detailed.  It was all purity with a light palette, whites, reflective jewels decorating clothes - the detailing like ruffles, frills, adornments is beautiful.  There's something about the exquisite detail and design that makes me tearful

There were a few black pieces, and two jewel coloured dresses made with a reflective material.  The fabrics included sequined, feathers, lace, bead encrusted - breathtakingly delightful

Models hair and make up was very elegant and subtle - absolutely no need for anything else to draw attention from the statement clothes.

Between the Ready To Wear and Haute Couture shows there was a strong element of purity and reflection, references to futuristic themes and high society tradition.  All very contemporary and artistic in one of the most fundamental ways someone can express their identity.

I've had a long week so I'll write about CHANEL Métiers d’Art show Paris Cosmopolite 2016/17 soon!

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