Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Cape Reimagined

I visited The Cape Reimagined at The Burberry Makers House at Manette Street, London the week after London Fashion Week and it was the most beautiful exhibition I've ever seen.   It was open for only a week on February 21st and closed on the 27th.

Being able to see the pieces up close, seeing the beautiful materials from feathers to lace to Swarovski crystals was amazing, the first time I've seen couture up reality.  Each one was unique and beautifully crafted and I took the time to admire each one - some attracted me more than others but I appreciated all of them.  Seeing workmanship like this makes me emotional - the talent that creates such beauty is wonderful.  If you get the chance to see the exhibition in another city then it's well worth taking the time to enjoy and appreciate.

Here's the detail in an image of two close ups, both very different.

There were 78 couture capes, first introduced on the February runway in London and a selection of these will visit cities including Seoul, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles as part of the travelling exhibition.  Inspired by the scale and form of Henry Moore's elemental sculptures and created using unique constructions, each design is handmade and available to special order.

The Spring/Summer collection was exhibited nearby the capes, lined up in procession and a calm mix of relaxing colours and lovely textures including the traditional wool sweaters.  There was an exhibition about the design process and Henry Moore's work - showing the development of sculptures from initial concept to finished piece.

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