Saturday, September 28, 2019

Surviving the battles

My styling work also goes into artistic projects.  This is a personal one which didn't begin that way, I made the feather cape after seeing The Cape Reimagined exhibition and soon got an opportunity to use it on a shoot, and as the shoot evolved, someone came up with the idea of smearing the make up across the model's face, and so the images fitted into my warrior queen concept.

This can be taken out of the concept and illustrates my personal experience:
I've had challenges all my life having been born with complications. I've got passion, determination and a professional mindset to keep my issues to myself and keep going, head held high.
I've started to become more open about what I've faced over the last two years which has been a relief! I'd like to think I can inspire others who don't have a straight trajectory in life to reach their potential
The images are about the serene queen who went into battle and survived.

Photographer: Lee Howell Model: Beth Morley Hair: Jason Hallhair Make Up:Karen B Stylist Jacki Clark

Friday, September 13, 2019

Autumn tones

I'm doing research for the next Westender shoot so in the middle of checking out what the shops have in stock just now.  They're very full of what can most definitely be called autumn shades - basically you're stuffed if you don't like brown.

To be honest (and in my own opinion) it's terrible samey,and uninspiring.  OK, it's not my preferred colour palette but it is too much to walk the length of Braehead shopping centre and see so much brown - it's a bit like walking through a wood full of bare trees - a bit too drab.

Wallis, H&M and M&S rails are too lacking in anything that seems exciting to me

Bonus points for M&S for jazzing it up a bit in their displays

I won spot the bright colour!!

TopShop at least manage to make it look fun with short skirts and jackets in cool materials.

River Island wins the window display round, and their shop floor was by far the brightest and most interesting of every shop in the centre.

Breaking up the brown

Some lovely hot pink to cheer things up, and I love the Showaddywaddy suits!

RI have some fab monochrome edging it's way in 

Oasis and Warehouse -  only if you like brown, and a bit of rustiness!

Next also had a far more inspiring and diverse selection laid out.

So, there we have a huge variety of warm toned clothes which can be brightened up with a dash of pink and red to put some life into the look.  There are brighter and more subdued shades of colours to add to the outfit.  Seek and you shall find.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Neutrals trend

Here's my take on the current neutrals trend.

Look 1 Coat Ted Baker
Dress Next
Shoes Daniel

Bag Monsoon

Look 2 playsuit TopShop
Shoes Daniel
Jewellery Nancy Smilie

Look 3
Shorts suit TopShop
Shirt Cos

Necklace and bag Licorice Tree

Look 4
Trousers French Connection
Top and shoes Next

Hat Primark (stylist's own)
Bracelet Licorice Tree

Look 5 
(option 1)
Dress and jacket Cos
Jewellery Nancy Smilie

(option 2)
Dress Cos
Shoes Daniel

Belt TopShop


Look 6
Jacket Next
T shirt and trousers TopShop

Look 7
playsuit TopShop
Shoes Daniel
Jewellery Monsoon

Photographer Gregor Reid, MUA Terri Craig, Model Katherine Lee

Fashion Week shows standing for something

Aside from the schedule and celebrities, what else will everyone be talking about at the shows? ( article)
Let’s get this out of the way: No one wants to see another collection that doesn’t stand for something. With climate change, immigration, the U.S. election, and Brexit dominating headlines, a pretty dress won’t cut it anymore. Fashion is meant to reflect the world around us and tell us where it’s headed, so we’re hoping designers open up the channels of communication this season. They should be addressing the social and environmental impact of their clothes, and they should use their platforms to take a stand on gender equality, Trump, immigration reform, and the other issues we spend most of our days thinking about.
We’re also hoping New York designers in particular are thinking about the next presidential election—and possibly dressing the next woman president. New York Fashion Week ends the day before the third Democratic debate; other than a pantsuit, what should a female candidate like Kamala Harris wear? What projects strength, confidence, courage, and optimism? Here’s hoping we see a few compelling ideas this week.

The accidental Singer sewing machine revolution By Tim Harford

By Tim Harford ( taken from ) Gillette adverts  stand against toxic masculinity . Budweiser  makes speciall...