Wednesday, May 10, 2017

KTZ menswear shoot

My final shoot as part of the London School Of Styling beginners course was the menswear shoot, working with designers KTZ and professional models hot off exclusive designer campaign shoots.  Here's my best images.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Magical day -

See last week I was talking about finding somewhere to live in the countryside?  Decided on the location - Aberfoyle in Stirlingshire.

I went for a walk there with my dad yesterday (route in the middle of the map is marked in white) and as you can see from the photos it's a stunning, magical place.  It's a village with amazing scenery, not that far from Glasgow by car.  The sun was baking down, the best day this year so far and we loved the lovely, perfectly named Faerie Walk.  We were walking for 2 and a half hours, blissful day!

Pigs basking in the afternoon sun! 

A montage of photos from the walk

Beautiful bluebell woods 

Countryside relaxes me so much, and I had been unwell in April, and getting out is always my best remedy after sleeping to get fit, so it felt like a real reward.

Designer profile - Cait

Here's a profile of English designer based in Scotland, Cait.

What were your earliest fashion influences?
When I was younger - between the ages of seven and twelve - I always used to go to a family friends house on a Saturday morning while Dad was at the gym. She loves to shop so we would often head down to the local shopping centre and have a rummage through the sales. As I grew up I would go off with my friends at the weekend and spend my pocket money on clothes and accessories. 

Which designers inspire and continue to motivate you?
While I have a general style that I go by - the designers from which I seek inspiration range from Tommy Hilfiger to Zuhair Murad. I love the tomboy style of Tommy - the baggy jeans and oversized sweatshirts really fit well with my personal style. The consistent use of two solid colours in his collections makes the clothes instantly recognisable - and of course the heavy use of branding. While not everything appeals to me - his vintage stuff is iconic. At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Zuhair Murad with his intricate detail and use of soft, fine fabrics. I particularly adore the use of floral appliqué on neutral coloured fabric. The effect is so unique and just makes the whole dress look beautifully elegant. 

How did you get into designing?
I’ve always enjoyed buying clothes and styling myself but I had never considered making my own. That was until my Advanced Higher Art project came around. We had a choice of subject areas to explore, one of which was Textiles. I decided to go for it as I was so intrigued to learn how you make your own clothes. My aunt had some previous experience in making clothes so she taught me the basics and I went onto study Fashion Design and Manufacture at college.

Who inspired your personal style?
I wouldn’t say there is one person in particular. I follow a lot of accounts on Instagram that inspire me, for example Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Sarah Snyder and Alice Catherine. Asos Marketplace as well, their Instagram features a huge variety of designers and boutiques. A lot of their stuff is vintage so they’re quite unique pieces which I also love.

Did you consider other jobs in the fashion industry?
I have a real interest in photography. Whilst on a recent holiday to Kenya I fell in love with photography all over again. Our rep said to me “you love photography but you just don’t take it seriously” and that will stick with me because he was so right. I would love to explore it more and see where it could take me.

What was your route to develop your career so far?
During my time at college, I featured in Jacki Clark’s Checkmate fashion show as both a model and a designer which I really enjoyed. I also organised and featured in (as a designer) a fashion show at the end of college which was a perfect end to a brilliantly insightful two years. I completed my HND in June 2016 and have since been working in fashion retail but continuously find myself wanting more and hope to leave soon.

What are your plans for the future?
Ultimately, my goal is to have my own clothing line. I have designed a collection which I’m very excited about - however I need to continue to work on it to make it the best it can be. Once I’ve made the clothes in the collection I hope to either model or photograph them and then get word out about it and see what happens from there. I would love to showcase my clothes at London Fashion Week one day. It’s a huge goal and at the moment seems very far away, nevertheless I’m a firm believer in you can achieve anything if you work hard enough.

What's the most important advice you can give to emerging designers?
Don’t listen to people who try to change you. No one knows your style more than you so if you like it, stick with it! Fashion is a form of art and art is very subjective, if someone doesn’t like your particular style it doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong. Be honest with yourself and you won’t have any regrets. 

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mythological creatures

Part of my new life cycle (return to authenticity - natural motivations - with experience and insight) is a refinding my spiritual motivation.  It never completely left, I was always inspired by mythological beings, Eris Events being the most cultivated of these, and I've got several Pinterest boards with druidpaganfantasy, (this too), (and this!) tribal and mystical images.

I made a dragon pendant years ago when practising silversmithing which was exhibited in the Trades House Exhibition in 1997 which has always been a proud favourite and I've dug him out and started wearing him again.  I'd got a pair of silver dragon earrings and a brass dragon brooch when I was 17 and I've started wearing these again too (except the brooch, I'm scared it falls off and I lose it) and I've just ordered Pegasus and unicorn pendants.

I've found a brilliant website about the ancient race, which so far seems to be completely my outlook and I'm reading all the pages on this site when I get the chance.

"Given that 'Love' is a field of knowledge (albeit ancient and forgotten by mortal man), it is necessary to apply oneself conscientiously to training in that field, which consists basically of developing higher consciousness. For this it is necessary, first of all, to develop the ability to see oneself objectively, to take notice of the real causes that motivate our feelings, thoughts, and actions, thereby allowing us to reveal the underlying cause which prevents us from having empathy with others, and which inevitably severs us from Universal Conciousness. To express it in the most basic and simple way, "pure love" means to love with one's being and not with one's personality. It is seeing oneself in the All, in a very real way."

I loved The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings when I was at school - I read The Hobbit again occasionally.  I've got a copy of The Simarillion which I've started but not got far into which I'll have to pick up again while I'm in this fantasy mood.

So while I'm in the new throes of this mood I thought I'd find some lovely mythical creature images.

Aberdeen Fashion Week - Saturday 29 April

I managed to assist a designer/stylist I've been trying to network with for a while backstage at Aberdeen FW. It was a total coincidence that I stood up to leave the room at the time a photographer was coming into the room, he runs a model school and his models were walking for that designer so I joined that gang for the day which was perfect!  She designs really cool alternative edged pieces, and had the models dressed in newspaper dresses over her dresses, topped with mini fireworks on headbands.  The newspaper dresses were ripped off as the models started walking and the fireworks stayed going till they were nearly off the runway which was very cool.

Designs by Aleah Leigh.  Photography by Andy Marshall and Douglas Kerr

Aleah asked if I'd like to work with her at London Fashion Week so I am very very pleased about that!  I've just messaged her to renew contact so I'll find out the score in due course.

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