Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mythological creatures

Part of my new life cycle (return to authenticity - natural motivations - with experience and insight) is a refinding my spiritual motivation.  It never completely left, I was always inspired by mythological beings, Eris Events being the most cultivated of these, and I've got several Pinterest boards with druidpaganfantasy, (this too), (and this!) tribal and mystical images.

I made a dragon pendant years ago when practising silversmithing which was exhibited in the Trades House Exhibition in 1997 which has always been a proud favourite and I've dug him out and started wearing him again.  I'd got a pair of silver dragon earrings and a brass dragon brooch when I was 17 and I've started wearing these again too (except the brooch, I'm scared it falls off and I lose it) and I've just ordered Pegasus and unicorn pendants.

I've found a brilliant website about the ancient race, which so far seems to be completely my outlook and I'm reading all the pages on this site when I get the chance.

"Given that 'Love' is a field of knowledge (albeit ancient and forgotten by mortal man), it is necessary to apply oneself conscientiously to training in that field, which consists basically of developing higher consciousness. For this it is necessary, first of all, to develop the ability to see oneself objectively, to take notice of the real causes that motivate our feelings, thoughts, and actions, thereby allowing us to reveal the underlying cause which prevents us from having empathy with others, and which inevitably severs us from Universal Conciousness. To express it in the most basic and simple way, "pure love" means to love with one's being and not with one's personality. It is seeing oneself in the All, in a very real way."

I loved The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings when I was at school - I read The Hobbit again occasionally.  I've got a copy of The Simarillion which I've started but not got far into which I'll have to pick up again while I'm in this fantasy mood.

So while I'm in the new throes of this mood I thought I'd find some lovely mythical creature images.

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