Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Introducing Jacki Clark - Stylist

I'm a Glasgow based fashion stylist, the resident stylist for Glasgow's Westender magazine.

I previously worked in theatre, film and TV before changing lanes to become a fashion stylist.  The move came after first running cabaret shows, then fashion shows and seeing the independent design talent in Scotland which I wanted to promote.

While starting to develop my portfolio I did an online course with the British College of Professional Styling, then a short summer course at London College of Fashion, followed by a comprehensive course with London School of Styling which was a great experience with some good early portfolio pieces

After networking in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas, and a wee bit of interning in London as a styling assistant, I felt my portfolio was ready for the next level and started looking for commercial work, and fortunately landed the job with Westender magazine in summer 2017.  The first shoot I did with the magazine was on a rooftop overlooking George Square, and I felt part of the team from the beginning.  My good amount of experience on set helped hugely to give me the standard of work needed to meet the requirements, so I would definitely recommend a lot of work experience to get used to the protocol and team work needed on set.  I was introduced to the local boutique managers by the magazine's editor Suzanne, and started some great working relationships with local stockists.  Since then, as the stockists have reduced in the West End I've had to look to stores in the city centre and have got great rapports with lots of high street stores.  One of my favourites is TopShop, and I've always loved going into the store in Argyle Street, which I remember loving in my teens.  On the topic, one of my favourite memories is being in TopShop in Oxford Circus in London when I was sixteen on a sunny summer day, and just loving all the bright trends, cool jewellery and shoes.  It was rave era, I was young and I felt this excitement, an energy I loved and that motivated me to keep on being creative when it wasn't easy to make a living in this industry, especially in Glasgow and particularly after the financial crisis.

I've been able to work my ideas into concept shoots to get statement images out there, and working on these images is a favourite part of my work, as it's full of personal meaning and relevance to me.

I enjoy this work hugely, I get to meet a lot of really interesting people and have brilliant conversations, and that's what motivates me, in addition to getting my point across in my personal rather than commercial work.

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