Friday, March 10, 2017


I'm really pleased to see metallics are still on trend as I love this look.  The pleated skirts have been done to death so I've been finding some less obvious looks - it's been difficult not to get one for the styling, one for Jacki but I did well...  ASOS have a huge load of great items in this trend, it could be your one stop shop, but the best of the high street - Zara, Mango and River Island have some lovely pieces too.  I'm not suggesting wearing head to foot metallic, here are items from each category you can wear to funk up an everyday look.

There are some stunning elegant dresses available

This Missguided dress is one of my favourites so it gets flatlay board all to itself.

These other clutch bags didn't make it to the final cut - I wasn't going to go with a totally gold look so the stunning round bag didn't make it and the elaborate turquoise one was just a bit too heavy on the detail.

And then let's go from tops



To toe with shoes

Edgy suits for women and men

Here's an idea to wear double metallic without being too bling.  A top and a pair of boots can look really cool, either casual or smartened up for going out.

And for work you can wear a smart pair of pale grey trousers with a long sleeve silver top which looks contemporary but business like.
Trying to find tasteful coloured metallic dresses was a challenge - there were very few which didn't make the wearer look like something from a Quality Street box.  Here are the wrong uns -

And to finish off, here are some beauties.

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