Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fashion References

I've found a few references recently so thought I'd put links to them here.

First there's Amanda Hallay's YouTube Channel The Ultimate Fashion History with a huge quantity of videos I'm working my way through from Vikings to the 1950s.  There's also a Facebook group.

This is a lovely bit of British history - a website with images from Kays Catalogue: World Of Kays which shows hundreds of images from the catalogues from the 1920s and accurately described as "social history in a book.  Having been published twice each year since the 1890s, Kays catalogues represent a fascinating archive of the way we lived in the past.  Not only are contemporary fashions included but there are also household items and luxury goods, thereby allowing the whole picture of life in past times to be examined."

1933, ladies in sleek dresses

Above: Ladies dresses in the 1930s

1958, young women in bright summer dresses

Above: Ladies dresses in the 1950s

1968, women in Mary Quant dresses



It's fantastic to get these pieces of history, even better to remember the items from your own lifetime.

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