Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I've been developing a magazine in my spare time over the last year and published the first issue today - I hope you enjoy Gaelstrom.  It is a melting pot of Scottish creative and cultural expression. 

Gaelstrom is about the Scottish creative industry: we've got a massive wealth of talent, productivity and inspiration.   and the purpose of the magazine is documenting and writing contemporary urban legends, alongside commentary on affairs, opinions and culture. We seek to look positively at the future to see how we can create opportunities and inspiration; to examine what Scotland's attitude is, not continue to demonstrate it's image of being tartan-tastic. I want to portray the issues we face factually and then discuss the progression we can make together.

We'll continue to be captivated by mystica themes and fantasy - that's our Celtic heritage, but will define our identity beyond the tourist perception of Brigadoon and Wee Jock. We've developed way beyond that.

I hope you enjoy this first edition and I encourage contributions for future issues.

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