Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fashion PR - first client!

I'm developing a fashion PR company, intended to represent independent and emerging designers in Scotland and today was the first meeting with a designer client.  Toco Fashion and I first met at the Checkmate fashion show last May and then did a shoot in early Autumn and she is originally a milliner who designs amazing hats as well as some beautiful clothing and is a designer I'm incredibly pleased to be working for.

She was already familiar with the aims and ethos of my idea, and to take it further I need to hear exactly what the designers need me to do on their behalf beyond what I've already got in mind.  We had a lengthy conversation to establish what's required and once I got home I started working on that list.  I'm looking forward to seeing the first round of results which will be a lookbook and a revamped website.

She's currently planning a new collection and is at the pattern cutting stage and it sounds like a stunning, luxury resort collection.  Amazing things are taking shape!

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