Thursday, September 5, 2019

Fashion Week shows standing for something

Aside from the schedule and celebrities, what else will everyone be talking about at the shows? ( article)
Let’s get this out of the way: No one wants to see another collection that doesn’t stand for something. With climate change, immigration, the U.S. election, and Brexit dominating headlines, a pretty dress won’t cut it anymore. Fashion is meant to reflect the world around us and tell us where it’s headed, so we’re hoping designers open up the channels of communication this season. They should be addressing the social and environmental impact of their clothes, and they should use their platforms to take a stand on gender equality, Trump, immigration reform, and the other issues we spend most of our days thinking about.
We’re also hoping New York designers in particular are thinking about the next presidential election—and possibly dressing the next woman president. New York Fashion Week ends the day before the third Democratic debate; other than a pantsuit, what should a female candidate like Kamala Harris wear? What projects strength, confidence, courage, and optimism? Here’s hoping we see a few compelling ideas this week.

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