Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fashion isn't frivolous

I've reached my conclusion after a very long time considering how fashion is perceived, and most often categorised as 'frivolous' - even Anna Wintour in First Monday In May described it as that.  But I've now realised it's fundamental, it's completely associated with identity.  Yes, this is a first world issue and is of little concern when you've got Syria, homelessness in your city and screwed up world politics but it's an expression of how people in the most developed parts of the world define and motivate themselves to succeed and progress.  Maybe it's been discredited over the years to diminish it's power.  We've probably been conditioned to think fashion is frivolous so we don't focus on ourselves but allow ourselves to be subjugated to feeling it's not so relevant, and also why we're seeing a surge in individualism. 

Trends reflect the bigger picture of the world and filter into society and culture, and fashion is part of the arts whether traditionalists want to acknowledge that or not.  People relate and process life and express that creatively in stylish self expression.  So let us represent with colour, texture, pattern and shape how our lives are without feeling intellectually inferior, as we have a fundamental way to understand and communicate ourselves.

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