Monday, May 16, 2016

Creative Therapy

Being creative can make someone a happier person by enabling them to express their ideas instead of facilitating someone else's.  It has a beneficial impact on ego and self belief by enabling a level of productivity and accomplishment through a tangible body of work other people can appreciate.

By developing precision skills and creating something of value while taking pleasure in the creative process itself, developing a portfolio which pleases the maker and is admired by other people you get a fundamental self satisfaction which boosts the ego and can go beyond that to enhancing self belief in abilities and talent.

Creative thinkers enjoy challenges, analysing and coming up with an interpretation of something.  By thinking outside the box your life can work much better for you.

Thinking ambitiously and creatively enables new opportunities, although in our commercial business focused world it can be difficult to make progress as quickly as you might like.  There's too much empirical control for a real free market so we end up with a bottleneck and unfulfilled achievers.  The example I can site best is the Scottish creative industry where it's fragmented, unorganised and very few people can slip through the bottleneck to move away from the part time jobs and make a good living doing something interesting which would really benefit the economy.  Sourcing designers for fashion shows disappoints me as I find many talented people who have gone through university and have brilliant conceptual ideas working in the fashion industry only as a sales assistant or visual merchandiser, not being able to fulfill their creativity but falling in line with an old fashioned structure, following someone else's lead, not developing ideas and new concepts.  We need investment to enable big projects to allow greater economic growth beyond retail.

This is a high cost country, so we need high cost companies investing but in addition to big ideas we need solid business plans.  As stated in this article, historically too often tricks are missed; as it states "offering a way out of our decaying industrial past, a pathway from an old world to a new" we need to keep progressing to find new ways of doing things as the old world fades and "Scotland could break free of its old economy shackles" if only we consistently had faith in our abilities.  Sometimes I really wonder why the government doesn't try to attract new high end industry, though I understand the established method of control.  It would be anarchy if people were being entrepreneurial and making good money and getting leisure time en masse and actually having power to run their own lives rather than staying safely in their routines and behaving quietly.. Truly, anarchy is not rebellious bad behaviour, it's progress beyond the established control; thinking for yourself and growing your life the way you want, not in the construct deemed desirable for all.

It's high time to reject the current wearing you out at work lifestyles, ie work your ass off for a meagre reward and get pissed, the quick route to finding your own headspace and feeling slightly rebellious againThe twisted psychology of the system has a negative effect on everyone and consumerism is exploitation of the egoWe now have lots of means of self expression, it's time to move it up a level to the next stage of consciousness beyond ego-driven self expression through image.  

Modern life can't give people the opportunities to live their lives their own way eg choosing suitable and enjoyable jobs with sensible hours as then then they wouldn't be controlled and would have time to think.  Controlling people doesn't utilise capabilities to best effect and makes for a lot of dissatisfaction.

You've got to work out how to renegotiate your way through this greed world to stay independent: to me that means being as self sufficient as possible and making authority irrelevant.  Being creative in its many forms can help you see what your talents are and utilise these to become this self sufficient person who doesn't rely on approval to have self belief.  Investing in your independent thoughts is investing in the control of your future.

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