Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fashion Psychology

I'm needing to find a different take on styling which has more  to it than just looking cool for the sake of it, and I'm really enjoying researching the psychology of fashion. I finished reading Mind What You Wear by Prof Karen Pine last night and I'm looking for more similar titles to read.  I've also seen a few good YouTube vids.

Buying new clothes equals reinvention of self;  clothes can't change you per se but can encourage you to behave in different ways.  Adopting such behaviour traits into your personality is what changes you as a person.

Also more likely by adhering to a style demonstrates a desire to  emulate a personality or a status associated with a look eg ladylike elegance.  Rather than emulate someone else adopt and display the behaviour traits of such a person so you evolve your personality itself rather than trying to be seen as someone else.  Emulating someone else indicates under confidence in oneself by having to display the characteristics of someone else.  Make it about self reliance (and self like) and then you won't need to be as concerned about what others think as you know you've made the most of yourself from the inside out by assimilating attributes you admire into your own character, and therefore you're more likely to feel enabled to take control of your life rather than it being largely controlled by any perceived "authority" you don't think you possess.  Increased self awareness allows you to take more responsibility for your own choices and direction in life.

I think we want to consider WHY we're compelled to behave and express in certain ways, not just the reasons because. eg I'm motivated to wear sharp tailoring as I need to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur today, or I'm wearing a short skirt because it'll make me feel sexy and the REASON FOR THAT is I want to assert or reaffirm my ability to be alluring.

Fashion is about being creatively inspirational and aspirational, so I love the idea of evolving your character to it's utmost potential - that's a true aspiration of spirit rather than a material apsiration to luxury and lifestyle.  I've refined my concept of styling to use fashion as a kind of costume design, developing a character through references and themes and enabling people to feel their potential to be that person and achieve greater confidence and motivation in their own sense of self.  To me that makes sense and is a far less superficial way of utilising and enjoying clothing.  Not that there's anything wrong with enjoying clothes for their own sake, but I feel that fashion is perceived as frivolous in this business dominated world and have felt the pressure to make it more tangible than the whim of a mood, to intellectualise it.  Now I've given my own thoughts some credibility and see my role as stylist more seriously which is enough to motivate me further to develop.


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