Friday, April 22, 2016

A Great Philosopher Once Wrote...

Well, I'm the birthday girl today - 21 times two!!

Very much starting a new phase in life - nothing planned, just the way it's happening.  This year so far has been much better than the last two years altogether, things feeling like they're falling into place at the right time, better perspectives on a lot of aspects of life.  The last six months of 2015 was a process of redefining and reconciling a lot of thoughts and seeing that life is a series of interconnecting events.  Some stuff was quite stressful, but the people who helped me deal with it all are amazing and I now see the part they have in my life in a renewed way, especially one particular person :)  Also, there are some folk who come into your life and can totally change it, not in the way you expected they would, but have left it in a better place than it had been.  Someone else inspired me to get back on the right track, I didn't realise I wasn't on the correct track until their influence made me remember what was more right for me and I redirected myself  to a mindset and an attitude that was frustratingly missing.

Re my last post about redefining how I see styling and fashion etc; that was one of the things I was puzzling over and now I've nailed that through wanting to understand the psychology of fashion, art and the ego.  I bought a book on psychology the other day and I'm looking forward to getting into reading that, I'm wondering if it'll lead to taking a course in psychology - we'll see!

The positive things so far in 2016 have been starting the year off with starting to put together an online magazine around the Scottish creative industry - showing all the creativity Scotland has and the ability we have to think progressively outside the box, to be motivated and inspiring, to have valid opinions and to be able to express these well.  Then I was working on a feature film, then it was straight into Celtic Connections usherinf followed by Irish Dancing ushering for the Scottish then the World Champs.  For once in the breadnbutter job I had the opportunity to be pro-active and manage people rather than , and I was mixing with the dancers too which made a huge difference to my shifts.  I saw the Huntsman Winters War trailer which inspired me to do some gold warrior queen costume design which is still in the process of being made.

Then I did a wee bit of modelling on an alt photoshoot and had a brilliant time, and on the back of that decided I could put together a wee modelling portfolio of alt shoots, and combing that with my costume design.  The most entertaining shoot so far has been with me lying in a bath of milk :D

Next project on the agenda is a fashion show after a hiatus of over two years.  Got a partner in crime to plan the event with which is making all the difference.  In hindsight I don't know how I did all I used to do in the planning of events cos so much goes into it but I did so go me!  This show is following my favourite theme of the Creative VS the Corporate and me and P.I.C. (Partner In Crime) checked out the venue today which is totally perfect, and the VM loves the whole idea as it's developed so far.  Also been planning a brilliantly surreal photoshoot (styling this one) with a brilliant photographer, Photobara
involving black giant balloons, a wrought iron bed and a beach with an abandoned fishing boat.  Not giving any more away!!

And on top of that, there's the health issue which has been bugging me for the last few years which at first I thought was in intolerance to sweets, fizzy drinks and booze.  I've done a lot of research and a lot of talking with friends with general sense and insight as well as some with similar issues, and seem to have found a cause for this intolerance which will hopefully see it rectified in a few months.  It had better work - the carrot on the stick is the bottle of vodka I bought two weeks ago which will be indulged at the end of the three months!  Between diet changes and meds to change the gut bacteria levels after being on antibiotics since as far as I can remember, I'll hopefully not itch like my fleas have got fleas.  The internet's brilliant for finding so much helpful info, people with good helpful advice etc.  So now on a very healthy diet which isn't a restrictive weight loss diet, it's been making alterations to what I eat every day.  This was linked to me by a friend: http://Scientists Discover A New Link Between The Brain And The Immune System which is very interesting.

So, signing off for tonight :)

Changing your own attitude is much easier than changing other peoples behaviour.

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